Download Real Drift Car Racing v1.2 Free Apk for Android

Download Real Drift Car Racing v1.2 Free Apk for Android: If we see the current inclination we will scan, every 2 of 3 persons is fond of driving the car. If it comes on me I really like it to drive all day long my car. In this perspective we can see many persons who love the drifting and want to be a drifter. But we shouldn’t pass over that drifting is somehow dangerous. Well this is another tale. Don’t have a car? You can still do drifting. How? Download real drift car racing apk and be a drifter.

  • real drift car racing apk

Download Real Drift Car Racing v1.2 Free Apk for Android:

What does drift means?

Some of buddy thinks drifting is just like hauling the handbrake; producing tyres sounds and move steering left and right. This is actually not what you are thinking. This is actually driving skill through which driver drives the car is such an approach that rear wheels of car are skidding more than front wheels. And movement of car is opposite to the direction of wheels. Mean to say if car is moving in right then the direction of front wheel should be in left. The same technique you have to follow in this app by download real drift full apk. Check out the RC drift car racing game Reviews:

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Download Real Drift Car Racing

 Real Drift Car racing reviews:

  • No. of features include in this game pack are:
  • Cool 3D graphics manual and automatic transmission of gears.
  • Every car has different sound with turbo whistle.
  • Leader board option to give a dare to your friends
  • Smoothly touch control steering.
  • Slow motion replay of your drifting helps you find out your inaccuracy in drifting.
  • Two mode of playing the games: Drift Combo and Proximity.
  • Drift combo: You have to drift the car to get the points. If you change the direction of car additional bonus point will added up in your score card.
  • Proximity: you have to drift your car from back to the wall maintaining the closeness to the wall.

Need real drift car racing apk?

Fulfill your drifting craze without anyone restricting and physical damage. You can get real drift car racing apk from Google play and from direct link.

  • real drift car racing apk



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