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Download Launcher 8 apk free| Get Tiled Android:  Nokia (Ex Smartphone market leader) is trying to imprison the market again by adopting android in some measure. Nokia which is just now in the list of Microsoft’s asset is working on Windows phones – even a kid knows this. Why we are choosing android or IOS phone for our every type of use? Obviously there is a million dollar answer that these OS have millions of stirring apps which windows phone lacks. In this post you will see the consequence of windows 8 phone in your apk OS. Just download launcher 8 apk to see your android phone as a window 8 phone.
launcher 8 apk

Download Launcher 8 apk free| Get Tiled Android:

When I personally used the Window phone I liked its tile interface. But window phone make me disillusioned from its petite apps market. Mostly apps were not found which are available in IOS and Android and for those apps which are available; you have to purchase hardware device related to this app. Leave this case: If you are bored of android interface then try windows 8 launcher apk. Launcher 8 apk will alter your android UI into Windows Phone UI. Kindly take windows 8 launcher reviews.

download launcher 8 apk

Windows launcher 8 apk reviews:

Basically Launcher 8 free apk lies in the windows 8 themes pack. Launcher 8 will turn your phone into Windows 8 interface.

Flexibilities that launcher 8 provides:

  • Addition of tiles according to your choice.
  • Size, color, layout, position and number of tiles all depend on your choice.
  • Add your favorite android widgets into tiles.
  • Choose your favorite theme color for your launcher 8 apk.
  • Make a switch list of applications that you use extra ordinary.
  • Add Wp8 like pattern or security locks and make a shortcut status bar.

download launcher 8 apk

Need launcher 8 free download for android?

You can also use launcher 8 for Symbians phones and launcher 8 for Pc also. Download launcher 8 apk from Google play, Direct link and from amazon.launcher 8 apk




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