Download 3D Counter Strike 1.0.4 Apk Free

Download 3D Counter Strike 1.0.4 Apk Free :Well everyone knows that counter strike is well known and famous application of all the time. But what if, the game become 3D (3D counter Strike) and also available for your phone?. I guess this is the Hurrah time for you. For this we are providing to download 3D counter strike 1.0.4 apk for free. Counter Strike 1.0.4 Apk


Download 3D Counter Strike 1.0.4 Apk Free

Counter strike craze has captured all aged people. But the question why to choose this game for your precious android phone?

Why to play Counter strike ?

Why to let this game to consume your battery juice? The main features I found in this game the attracting graphics and light weight code of apk data. The concept is simple here too. You have to Lie down in the battle field of 3D counter strike. Have to make a strategy and find your enemy. And have to hunt them before you become prey of themselves. The more you kill more you score.

How to play this ?

  • You have to tap the screen to fire
  • Hold the screen to fire continuously.
  • A round mark is sign from enemy which are aiming at you.
  • Release the screen to fire.

Download 3D Counter Strike

Requirements to Download 3D Counter Strike:

Technical Details:

  • You have to Android Version up to 2.2+.
  • Have space free up to 30MB.
  • RAM at-least 256MB.

Non Technical Details:

  • You have to high eye focus.
  • High response time.
  • Strategy to find out the enemy.
  • Best weapon selection

From where I can Get the Apk free download?

Click here on the link to get the package (Download 3D Counter Strike apk free ) on your phone .

3D Counter Strike 1.0.4 Apk



You will enjoy this game if you’re a action or shooter games love. Enjoy Counter strike also on Computer, laptop and Tab just click on the link.

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