Download 3D Chess Game V1.7.4 apk free full version

Download 3D Chess Game V1.7.4 apk free full version: Chess is a game genius peoples, all know that. Great!! That’s why genius are small in number in this world 😛 We generally see all other sports are so illustrious in this world but games of genius is quite un popular. The reason behind this although you will learn how to play chess? But you can’t become a campaigner of 3d chess game for android in a short time. You have to make hard-hitting dares with your friends and other people. The main problem is that just few people know how to play chess or they even play. So finding the people who can have a challenge with you? This may be idiocy and nothing else. Download 3D chess game apk will execute your craze about chess. 3D chess game apk

Download 3D Chess Game V1.7.4 apk free full version:

Well 3d chess game is same as the factual world chess. But 3D war chess game has come with some added features that you can find in real time. Check out the 3D chess game reviews:

3D chess game for android features:

  • Computer is an intelligent machine! You can bear out it wrong by playing with the computer.
  • 3D chess game mobile has 3 modes in which the game play can be take place. Human vs Human, AI (Computer) Vs AI and human Vs AI.
  • 3D objects will add leisure in this 3D chess game for android.
  • Powerful game logic which is adjustable according to your skills. Beginner, average and expert.
  • Enjoy the game with interesting graphics animations and background sound.
  • See the game replay and AI tactics by resuming the game.
  • If you don’t know how to play chess see the tutorial given in the game.

Download 3D Chess Game


3D chess game mobile pre requisite:

  • You have to android 4.0 or plus in your phone.
  • Require apk space up to 10MB.

Want 3D chess game apk download?

You can download 3D chess game for mobile from Google play, Amazon, and from the direct link.

 3D chess game apk

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