Audible app for audiobooks apk free download

Are you heard of Audiobooks? May be you heard of Audiobooks, but have you listen about Audible app? Might be not!!! . Okay, let me give some time to explain. We can define Audiobooks as by the situation. Whenever your tired of reading some article or book. You might be thinking of listening its content. Same as the case Audiobooks have the features of listening its content or theory. And the app that used to play its content, which we have found amazing is : Audible app. Once again its pleasure for me to say thanks to Amazon, the company with the ownership of Audiobooks and Audible.

  • Audible app and Audiobooks apk

Audible App for Audiobooks Apk Free Download

Playing with the App:

Basically when you have no time for your favorites books to enjoy. Then its time to audibly your favorite book. How ?. Obviously from the Audible app. Definitely from this app it become a piece of cake to enjoy your favorite writings. While going to walk, to gym, cooking  or for the laundry put headphone to your ears and start listening.

audible app

OH What Actually the Scene? :

Basically you have to select Audiobooks from the  Where you can select a Audiobook from the reserve of over 150,000 heart taking titles. Pick one or more of your choice, load to your phone and enjoy.

Features :

  • Plenty of features to which you can play with the app like:
  • Chapter vise navigation
  • You can adjust the speed of narration.
  • Simultaneously download and listen the Audiobooks.
  • Playing Audiobooks its just not a single case: you can connect to Facebook and also make a Tweet.
  • Now you can say as my phone is also my teacher.


Audible app is just not a app which is some sort of boring lectures supporter. It actually a app that will actually teach you some thing along some sort of entertainment.

But there is a point here, you have to buy membership for Audiobooks. You can check out membership plans from official site. But Don’t Get heartless . There is also a trial period of 30 days through which you can take a ride of the app.

Download Audible app and Audiobooks.

  • Audible app and Audiobooks apk